Some info for our regulars…

Why give?

“Nowhere does the New Testament expressly command Christians to tithe. However, as believers we are to be generous in sharing our material possessions with the poor and for the support of Christian ministry. Christ Himself is our model in giving. Giving is to be voluntary, willing, cheerful, and given in the light of our accountability to God. Giving should be systematic and by no means limited to a tithe of our incomes. We recognise that all we have is from God. We are called to be faithful stewards of all our possessions (Rom 14:12; 1 Cor 9:3-14; 16:1-3; 2 Cor 8-9)”
- Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Where does it go?

BBC Staff - Generous giving enables us to build a team of pastors, admin and other staff workers dedicated to leading and equipping us in living for Jesus.

Global Mission - Generous giving allows us to raise up and partner with missionaries to continue sharing the good news of Jesus all around the world.

Faith Spaces - Generous giving allows us to maintain current facilities and build better spaces for all ages to worship and grow.

Local Gospel Outreach - Generous giving funds events, programs and services made to share Jesus with our community and invite people into the journey of faith

How do I give?

Option 1: Set up a regular EFT from your bank account

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  • BSB: 306 005

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  • Ref: Giving

Option 2: In person on Sundays

During the gathering, bags will be passed along the rows - this is an opportunity for regulars to give.